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2008 Timberline Catalog  

If you’re looking for woodworking, carpentry, and contractor tools that offer superior cuts and smooth performance at prices that can’t be beat ---then look no further. Timberline® router bits, sawblades, boring & drilling bits, hand tools and accessories boast high quality at an affordable price. Each Timberline® tool is carefully engineered and manufactured to maximize performance while stretching your tool budget.

Timberline® began several years ago as a response to budget-conscious woodworkers looking for high-quality Thin-Kerf saw blades at an affordable price. The product line has now grown to include over 500 router bits, sawblades and cutters. And in fact, we’ve added hundreds of new and innovative products to this year’s Timberline® catalog. As you look through the catalog you’ll now find diamond blades for cutting masonry, stone, and ceramic tiles. Our new carbide-tipped drill bits will also cut a wide variety of hard and abrasive materials. For woodworkers, we’ve expanded our line of drill bits, countersinks, plug cutters and added a new line of jigsaw blades. If you’re looking for screw driving bits look no further. We have every design you’ll need from, philips-drive to Torx® in a variety of different lengths.

Whether you’re a serious woodworking enthusiast or a professional contractor you’re sure to find the tool you need—at an attractive price. Despite the lower cost, Amana Tool® has not cut corners with the Timberline® product line. Each tool utilizes only the finest steel and micro-grain carbide. And our CNC sharpening technology and cutting geometry is world renown. Timberline® sawblades are skillfully heat-treated, and fully tensioned in order to provide you with smooth cutting performance. All Timberline® router bits feature the latest in anti-kickback design technology; this important feature limits the cutting depth which ensures that our bits are safer for your use.

We invite you to give Timberline® products a try. We’re confident that you won’t find finer cutting tools at a lower price—and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased, too.

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