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Carbide Deburring Sets

Juegos De Rebabeadores En Carburo
These tools are excellent for scraping, deburring and reaming. All tools have solid carbide replacement blades.
Light Duty N Promo Set - NG8000
Deburrs: Steel, aluminum and plastic. Set includes: Noga Grip 2 handle and 10pcs. of light duty N1 blades.
Heavy Duty N Promo Set - NG8150
Deburrs: Steel, aluminum and plastic. Set Includes: Noga Grip 1 handle and 10pcs. of heavy duty S10 blades.
Tool No.
N Promo Set holds all "N" light duty (2.6mm) blades

Product Information:
• Noga Deburring System
• Professional Quality
• Unit Pack: Individually Carded
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