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Announcing the New Timberline Thin-kerf GOLDLINE Anodized Saw Blades for Contractors and Do-it-yourselfers

April 26, 2012  

Amana Tool announces its new Timberline® GOLDLINE™ thin-kerf saw blades.  The line consists of two blades, a 7-1/4” diameter, 24-tooth framing blade (item #4725-24B), and a 7-1/4” diameter, 40-tooth finishing blade (item #4725-40B). The long-lasting anodized, carbide-tipped saw blades are ideal for applications in wood, wet lumber and pressure-treated lumber.  Designed for use in portable circular saws, the GOLDLINE blades provide contractors and do-it-yourselfers with affordable, professional-quality cutting tools. 

Amana Tool developed its Timberline products in 1993 in response to budget-conscious woodworkers looking for high-quality thin-kerf saw blades at an affordable price.  The perfectly balanced thin-kerf design helps reduce stock loss, as well as requires less horsepower than other saw blades.  Each GOLDLINE saw blade is made of industrial-quality steel and features micro-grain carbide tips that last longer than standard saw blade tips and provide smooth cutting results.  The Timberline saw blades are skillfully heat-treated and fully tensioned to prevent cracking during use.  In addition, the anodized GOLDLINE blades resists wear and corrosion during the life of the tool, particularly while cutting pressure-treated lumber, which contains chemicals.

The Timberline GOLDLINE saw blades start at $7.53 USD for a 24-tooth, 7-1/4” diameter framing blade (item #4725-24B).  For more information on the entire Timberline product line, visit www.timberline-amana.com.  Follow Amana Tool on Twitter and Facebook.

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