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3-Piece Cove Raised Panel Door Making Set

3-Piezas Juego De Brocas/Fresas
For 5/8"-7/8" Material
This easy-to-use set combines the two piece stile-and-rail cutter set with a large-diameter horizontal panel-raising bit that produces a 1-7/16" reveal. Both joinery-cutters and the panel-raiser feature the cove profile. Use only in a table-mounted router; the panel-raiser must be run at reduced RPM’s.

Tool No.
1-3/4" Dia. 2-piece Ogee Stile & Rail bit
440-19 (18!)
3-1/2" Dia. Cove Raised Panel bit
460-13 (12!)

Warning Maximum RPM:
(12!)=12,000, (18!)=18,000
Product Information:
• 1/2" Shank
• Carbide Tipped
• Professional Quality
• Custom-made hardwood storage case included.
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