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Router Bit Set for Entry and Passage Door Making

Entry Door Diagram

3-Piece Entry & Passage Door Making Router Bit Set

3-Piezas Juego De Brocas/Fresas
Con Puntas De Carburo
Para Ensamble De Puertas
The TRS-290 set is designed for 1-3/8" thick passage doors and pre-assembled for 1-3/4" thick entry doors.

The TimberlineĀ® Extended Tenon Door Bits are an effective way to produce stile& rail architectural doors with authentic mortise-and-tenon joinery.

The bits can be adjusted by simply removing or adding the extra cutter. Also, shims are provided so that you can fine-tune the fit if necessary.
TRS-290 Entry & Passage Door Making Router Bit Set


Recommended Tool
Timberline #609-120.
For the through mortises on the lock rail cut from each edge of the stock.

Tool No.
3-piece Entry & Passage Door Making Set
TRS-290 (16!)

buyonline Trs-290 Instructional Download
Warning Maximum RPM:
Product Information:
• 1/2" Shank
• Carbide Tipped
• Professional Quality
• Custom-made hardwood storage case included.
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